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Another meme tool yo BUBBLE!

yo BUBBLE was really a follow on from the its sibling yoCAP! which is a meme generation tool for IOS. yoCAP! had some really good feedback about its customizable templates and advanced text editing capabilities, but there were requests about whether or not the app could create speech bubble memes. At first we experimented with having the feature contained within yoCAP! but quickly realised that it made sense to put this functionality into an app dedicated to this. Hence, yo BUBBLE! was born. This app is totally free and has some fantastic features not found in other meme tools. To read more about what it can and can't do visit http://www.yobubble.net/

We have had requests for this tool to support adding multiple speech bubbles on photos. We totally agree that this is a great enhancement, and when we get some spare time (when we are not working on our games) we will add this feature.

This app is free to use, however, if you want some extra fonts, templates and photo editing capabilities, then you can buy these via some in app purchases. By doing so, you help support our development activities.

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