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And yo CAP! was born

yoCAP! is the very first meme editing tool that we created. I had personally seen many meme tools out there on the appstore, some were pretty cool, however, most of them lacked the ability to scale, rotate, crop, edit and apply effects on your photos. Those that did, were not free or they were quite cumbersome to use. Some even crashed repeatedly! I have always been interested in how social media impacts our everyday lives, especially how visualizations of imagery can convey different meanings or have such an effect on our opinions. As a consequence, we decided to see how much effort it would take to design a meme creation tool which satisfied the following requirements:

  1. Supported multiple languages
  2. Used skin files to dynamically load images, resources on demand
  3. Create a template engine to support different types of memes e.g. coloured boarders
  4. Used a plugin architecture for image effects
  5. Created a command pattern architecture for the use of the text editing capabilities
  6. Incorporate support for InApp purchases
  7. Available on the appstore for FREE!

All up, the project took about 4 weeks to complete. Most of the work, went into creating the reusable components that both Izzit and yo BUBBLE! now use. The most challenging thing really with this project was support for multiple languages. Creating a new language pack was quite easy, it just involved getting a new language file loaded into the app at run-time, however, we found that updating iTunes every time we had an upgrade to be a very time consuming process. Anyone whom has done any IOS development knows how you can create an iTunes profile for each language you support in iTunes means a lot more work you have to do! We had lots of emails from users in Vietnam, asking if we could support their language. Since we had built in support for different languages, it was a relatively easy process. 

If you haven't tried yoCAP! I would suggest giving it a go. Its free, but if you want to do some really fancy edits, then you can always buy one of its expansion packs. 

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